3 Rules To Improve Your Writing


Here are 3 techniques to improve your writing and make it more engaging.

Keep readers engaged with variable sentence lengths

Sentences of similar length are boring. Vary your sentence lengths. Some small. Some longer. Juggle between simple and complex sentences.

Convey clearly with One Idea Rule

Focus only one a single idea, belief or topic while writing. If the topic you selected is broad, then narrow it down to the point that it’s very clear to visualize. Writing is not about content length. It’s about conveying the message. Clearly.

Help readers with a introduction and conclusion

A well structured article has a neat introduction and a clear conclusion. Sandwiched between is the actual content.

Spend some time on crafting the introduction of your text. This will help reader whether they are interested in the content below. And summarize the post in the conclusion.

So to summarize - vary your sentence lengths, stick to a single idea and structure the article with a brief idea in introduction, explanation in content and a short conclusion.