Car Pool For Housing Societies and Offices


I quite often see posts on WhatsApp group asking people if they are going certain direction, either to drop something or someone. Offices typically see people pooling together. But there is a limitation with discovering people like this because you are restricted to the WhatsApp groups you are part of or the people you know. There is also any psychological barrier to ask such questions or post every day morning that I’m going to office and people can tag along.

But wait, isn’t a service like this already available? BlaBlaCars? GetAround? How is this different from that?

Well yes and no. It’s similar to BlaBlaCar where you post your journey and people can tag along, but it’s different because you know these people more intimately. These are your neighbors, these are your collogues. There is a sense of belonging.

How should it work?

To test waters, the MVP can be very simple. 2 actors - publisher and requester.

  • A publisher publishes their journey/route
  • A requester will request a journey by posting if anyone is going via certain route.
  • A requester may also opt in an already published journey.

The UI can be minimal:

  • Create an account
  • View already published journeys
  • Publish a journey
  • Request a journey
  • View requesters to your journey
  • Tag along on a published journey
  • No need to show maps in the 0.1 version
  • No bells and whistles

We will see the implementation in next posts.

This is my 9th of 100 post in #100daysToOffload.