Hi, this is Suresh. Your host.

I’m a software engineer based in Bengaluru, India. I’m a clean code enthusiast, and spend my free time reading about computer science literature.

I’m a full time software engineer and crafting trade ingestion system at Arcesium. Prior to this, I have created a consumer intelligence pipeline at Frrole.ai, built an analytics and self service module at Whatfix and worked on tour and travel unit of Infibeam.com.

I have worked with varied tech. I started by GWT, Java, Wildfly and Jenkins while at Infibeam. Then I moved to Elasticsearch, MongoDb, Java, Python, Flask, Apache Storm, Apache Kafka while at Frrole.ai. Later, Hadoop, Pig, Angular, Typescript while at Whatfix. Finally, I’m working with Docker, Kubernetes, DeltaLake, Spark and Argo at Arcesium.

Quote to live by:

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You want to get in touch, email is the best way - sureshssarda [at] gmail [dot] com.